What is an academic essay?

An essay is a write-up that has a basic structure of an introduction, body and conclusion dealing with a specific argument on a topic. You may have to write a number of drafts in order to produce a coherent essay having a logical progression of ideas. The whole process of writing an academic essay entails researching, analyzing and arranging information that includes writing thesis statements, topic sentences, paragraph order, selecting suitable illustrations and using logical transitions to produce a well written essay.

Main Types of Academic Essay

The three main types of academic essays are Descriptive, Expository and Argumentative. An essay of a descriptive nature focuses on describing a subject which may be about a person, place or event. An essay belongs to the expository type when the focus is to explain a particular concept. However an essay is largely argumentative in nature as you have to present an argument in your essay through reasoning that is supported by evidence. You can look at academic essay example to get an in-depth knowledge on writing these kinds of essays.

Structure of Academic Essay

An essay has the following essential elements:


The introduction of the academic essay reveals the main idea of the essay and sets out the background of the argument. It also contains the thesis statement which presents the main argument or focus of the essay. You can also talk about the theoretical stances you would be using and the way your essay would be organized.


The body of an essay may contain a couple of paragraphs with each paragraph dealing with a topic sentence that supports the line of argument presented in the thesis statement. The other sentences of the paragraph should further develop the idea contained in the topic sentence. These need to be supported by relevant examples and references related to the topic sentence.


The academic essay ends with a conclusion that reiterates your line of argument as presented in the thesis statement. You can also summarize the main points and supporting evidence you used to prove the main argument of your essay. You may include suggestions if any for future research in certain areas.

How to Write a College Essay?

A college essay is written as part of an academic assignment and necessarily follows certain academic conventions in style and form of writing. A college essay is usually written in third person. It is always advisable to use Standard English grammar and spellings taking care to avoid any colloquial and slang language. Use active voice to present your arguments in a more direct and forceful manner. Take care to avoid any gender bias or the use of emotive language in your college essay and most important learn to be concise and specific while developing your arguments in the course of the assigned college essay.

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How to Write a Good Academic Paper

Before commencing the actual writing of an academic paper ensure that you have read and fully understood the main question or premise that forms the main focus of the academic paper. You have to conduct the necessary research to collect the material and review them critically. The next stage would be to plan the structure of your academic paper and ensure that the introduction provides the necessary context to discuss the argument. The body of your academic paper should contain the relevant evidence to support your thesis statement while the conclusion restates the focus of your thesis by summarizing the key issues raised in your college essay. Also keep in mind to use the appropriate format, style and language throughout the writing of the academic paper. Last but not the least is to proof check your college essay or academic paper for any errors in content, grammar or spelling. Do read up academic essay example for writing a good essay.

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