Every student has to submit written assignments in the form of academic essay during his study at school, college or university. Essays serve manifold purposes of informing, entertaining or convincing readers to your point of view on the subject matter.

Academic essays are used to evaluate a student's progression in class as well as a screening tool to admit students to a university. Generally students have to write a set number of essays for a specific term. Apart from writing skills academic essays require a sufficient amount of research to collect material from relevant sources. The entire process of writing essays may take a couple of days, weeks or even months depending on the nature of the subject matter and the stipulated length of academic essay.

Writing academic essays entails various skills which students have to develop as part of their academic training. In addition to writing skills, essays involve the skills of researching and analyzing to arrive at a suitable conclusion. Academic essays are different from ordinary essays - they are longer and follow a prescribed format. Academic essays are generally structured in a formal tone, relying more on factual data than personal opinions. Well researched and well written essays thus entail a lot of time, effort and good analytical thinking and you can check out the same by reading up a range of academic essay examples.

College Essays

College Essays are an important part of academic assignment wherein students are expected to answer question on a specific topic, present their arguments, and study the cause and effects of their findings related to the subject matter. All college essays require that you follow a specific format filled with meaningful and interesting content. There should be no erratic shifts from one idea to another; instead the whole essay should be a logical progression of ideas relating to the main argument presented in the introduction.

School Essays

Students are instructed quite early in school on how to write school essays, the structure of an essay and the skills required to write school essays. Teachers regularly give school essays as part of a writing assignment to test the student's comprehension and mastery of a particular subject area after it has been taught in class.

All said and done, writing essays, college essays or academic essays is not an easy task. But students are expected to write them through their academic life. If you have doubts about the format to be followed in school essays or college essays you can visit many of the online websites which offer free essay examples. They can guide students who want to write essays on their own.

Some Tips on Writing Academic Essay

Good essay examples are those that are written keeping in mind the basic principles of writing essays. Start writing early whatever you think is ready to be written and relevant to the subject matter of the school papers or college essays, all the way keeping in mind the overall purpose and organization of essay. You can later redraft them and fit them under appropriate heads of the essay. Academic essay examples stand out as a good piece of writing when they are revised extensively before submission. The whole essay is redrafted several times by taking care to add or delete sections relevant to the research question.

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