Students are expected to write a paper in almost all disciplines of studies at various levels of academic life that includes academic essays for high school, college academic papers and academic paper writing for university courses. Students need to get acquainted with the format of the paper and develop their writing skills so that they can produce a well thought out paper. Students easily get influenced by papers written by others, but it is important that you identify your area of interest and ensure that you make a significant contribution on your research topic.

When students are asked to write an academic paper, they are expected to present the results of their arguments and investigations on the topic of the essay. You have to gather facts and information from various sources and present your own thoughts to throw new light on the topic. The end result is producing an academic paper that is exclusive to you. Writing a paper involves gathering and documenting information, organizing, developing and interpreting ideas and arriving at conclusions. All these needs to be communicated properly within the set format of an academic paper. You need to follow the recommended format that has been approved by your tutor and institutions.

Structure of an Academic Paper

An academic paper begins with an introduction that states the main argument of the paper. This is followed by the body which consists of a couple of paragraphs focusing on a topic sentence. The academic paper always ends with the conclusion.


The first paragraph of the academic paper serves as the introduction to the claim which you make. Introduce the topic in the succeeding sentences and lay the basis for the thesis statement. You can then express your opinion or make a claim in the thesis statement.


The introductory paragraph is followed by a number of body paragraphs with each paragraph starting with a topic sentence. It would be best to substantiate the same with interesting examples. Ensure that the ends and beginnings of the paragraphs flow smoothly to create a logical transition of ideas.


The final paragraph of your academic paper is the conclusion which should essentially be a summary of your claims and support. Re-assert your claims and the main points to make it more convincing and acceptable. You can also substantiate your views, explain the limitations if any and include recommendations for further research and study.

Tone and Style of Academic Paper Writing

You need to be critical and analytical while creating an informed argument in academic paper writing and also remember to use a suitable tone and academic style. It should invite the readers to delve deeper into the subject by providing clear and intelligible academic paper writing. In most cases avoid making any personal responses to a text unless explicitly instructed to do so. You claims will be more acceptable when they are supported by reliable facts and evidence. Be discrete in using personal pronouns such as "I" and "you" to avoid sounding too subjective in academic paper writing. Similarly use gendered pronouns-"he" and "she" alternatively throughout the paper writing to give a feeling of inclusion to your readers.

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Academic Paper Writing Services

Academic writing is an important part of academic curriculum because it is the most effective way to evaluate the student's level of knowledge on a topic in a particular discipline, his writing skills and ability to write forceful arguments and convince readers to his point of view by clear examples. While writing skills are a vital component of the academic writing process, it also entails developing research and analysis skills. Students who feel daunted at the prospect of writing a paper can take the help of academic paper writing services.

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