Students, pursuing their school education, college degree or university level education have to write academic papers throughout their academic course. In order to write a logical and quality essay you need to be aware of what it takes to write papers.

Academic papers include writing academic essays, research papers, term papers, academic reviews, reports, dissertations, speeches and other types of academic assignments. Academic papers are written in various writing formats such as MLA style, APA format, Chicago style and Turabian papers.

Writing Academic Papers

When you prepare to write academic papers you must already know the purpose of doing that. This is formulated as a thesis statement or research question which forms the basis of academic essays. You will probably want to write on research topics that interest you and which will benefit the academic community. Structure of most academic papers includes the following components: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References.

Technical Standards of Academic Papers

Academic papers include writing term papers, research paper, thesis and academic essays that follow the structure of a research paper. Writing papers entails creating an outline to begin with, which is almost similar in most disciplines. Academic papers in the sciences generally follow the APA writing style but it is better to check with your tutor to find out the specific standard and format for papers.

Academic papers include adhering to certain technical issues such as including intext citations. Most referencing in papers is done in APA and MLA standard. Some academic essays allow footnotes to be included in the text while other formats allow figures and tables at the end of the main text.

The important steps of writing papers:

  • It is important to identify and develop the topic of academic essays. An interesting way to develop your topic would be to pose it as a question.
  • Set the background for your academic essay by searching for appropriate information about your topic in encyclopedias, textbooks and lecture notes.
  • Once you get the background information right, you can work towards finding information from more recent and specific sources.
  • Remember to note down the complete citation of each source so that you can easily refer to it later.
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Tips to Write Academic Papers

  • Read and analyze the research question or topic of your academic paper and keep a record of your initial ideas.
  • While researching, note down the reference sources, make notes while you read and try to formulate your own thoughts on the research topic while observing the writer's views.
  • Use brainstorming techniques to come up with ideas for your research topic. You can use words, phrases or lists and note down all your ideas.
  • Based on your ideas you can arrive at your thesis statement which may be revised later to be more exact and precise.
  • Plan your essay by starting with a rough draft containing all your arguments and ideas. You can later phrase them concisely in proper sentences and structure.
  • On a particular day when you get stuck up with your writing task, spend the time in, compiling the bibliography, citing the sources, reference list and so on.

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