Writing essay may seem a difficult task for most students, but it is a skill that can be mastered with practice, patience and perseverance. So how do you progress with your essay writing? Just follow the tips on writing essays given below and writing essay may seem a much simpler task.

Tips on Writing Essays


Once you are ready with the topic of your writing essay, you can go ahead to frame the outline so that your ideas on the topic of writing essay can be organized in a lucid manner. You can list out your ideas in a diagram form or an outline, but the main purpose is to put to paper and organize all the information and ideas you have collected on your topic.

  • Write the topic of your essay writing at the beginning of the outline.
  • Next list down the main ideas you have about the writing essay topic. A persuasive essay would contain your arguments, while an informative writing essay would list all the significant points of explanation.
  • Under the main ideas you could list down all the supporting facts that throw light on the main idea.
  • Use appropriate numbering such as Roman numerals for listing down the main ideas and use numbers or letters under each Roman numeral to list down the supporting information of your writing essay.
  • You can also organize the information of your writing essay under the subheads of Beginning, Middle and End.

The purpose of each essay may be different, but almost all essays follow the basic format that includes an Introduction which introduces the topic of the essay to the readers, the Body, containing three to four paragraphs, with each paragraph substantiating a particular idea with supporting evidence and the conclusion that adequately sums up the main idea of the essay.

Revising Your Work

Tips on writing essays cannot exclude the importance of revising your work. Remember to add the final touches to your essay writing by checking on the formatting and structure of the essay. The paragraphs of the essay should flow in a smooth succession with one idea leading to another. Make sure that you have followed all the instructions of the essay writing assignment such as margins, double-spacing, name, date, title and other related information. Revise your essay writing for any errors in language, spelling or grammar. Make sure that ever sentence of your essay writing makes sense and contributes to the point you are trying to make on the topic.

We've given you helpful tips on writing essays, but many students may still encounter difficulties in essay writing due to various stressful factors in their academic life or simply because essay writing doesn't interest them.

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