Essay outline example is a broad format of the subject matter that is written in an essay. It includes the order of the various sub-topics, the relationship, relevance and relative importance of the various parts of the essay. The task of writing an essay becomes easier if you are aware of the structure and outline formula of the essay as provided in the example essay outline. This way you can organize your thoughts in a systematic manner and develop the essay in a logical order.

Format of an Example Essay Outline

An essay outline format can be formatted in various ways to suit the topic of the essay and the manner in which it is going to be handled. It can be a chronological arrangement or spatial arrangement of the subject matter of the essay. The thumb rule, however, in all kinds of essay outline format is to state a general idea and justify the same with supporting evidence in the form of suitable examples or statistical data.

An essay outline example would generally begin with a thesis statement summarizing the main premise of the argument presented in the essay. It should express as succinctly as possible your point of view on the subject of the essay.

Essay Outline Template

A standard essay outline template consists of an introduction which includes a thesis statement and at least three main points. The body of the essay outline example consists of three paragraphs or more, each dealing with a topic sentence with supporting evidence. The conclusion in essay outline format reiterates the statement thesis, summarizes the main points and ends with a final comment.

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How to Write the Essay Outline Format?


    A. In the introduction of essay outline example it is essential to catch the attention of the reader by starting with an interesting observation in the form of an example, narration or relevant quotation.

    B. Discuss the cause and effects of the problem and your point of view developed in a logical argument.


    The body in essay outline example may be divided into a couple of paragraphs each containing a main point with supporting examples.

A. First Point

    1. Examples, statistics

    2. Quotes, reasons

B. Second Point

    1. Facts, details

    2. supporting evidence

C. Third Point

    1. Examples

    2. supporting evidence

D. Address various stands on the issue and put forth your views


    Reiterate you stand on the issue explaining how you have arrived to the conclusion.

Example Essay Outline

Listed below is an example essay outline on the topic "The advantages of Exercising"


    A. Exercising as a way of life is catching up with people of all ages.

    B. Exercising is great for controlling body weight, building muscles as well as keeping the mind agile.


A. Controls body weight

    1. Burns excess calories

    2. Controls appetite

    3. Promotes healthy diet

B. Develops muscles

    1. Builds resistance

    2. Provides toned muscles

    3. Increases stamina

C. Promotes well-being

    1. Keeps mind agile

    2. Keeps depression at bay

    3. Contributes to general well being


    A. Exercising provides multiple benefits

    B. Contributes to both physical and psychological well being.

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