Before you start writing a thesis statement, you need to know what a thesis statement consists of and where you would use one. Look at the following definition of a thesis statement: it is a single sentence that tells the reader what an essay, research paper or other document is about or what topic/subject will be argued in the text.

Peculiar Features of Thesis Statement Writing:

  • Essentially, this is the point where the writer is attempting to prove or explain his/her writing.
  • This statement is often located at the end of the first paragraph of the essay or paper in order to attract the reader and cause his/her interest in your paper.
  • A good thesis statement needs to be specific, concise, and make some sort of claim that will be supported by the rest of the paper.
  • Thesis statement is the guiding force of an essay. A reader should be able to know what the paper is going to be about just by reading the thesis.
  • Your thesis should go through several revisions before you reach a strong statement.

Thesis statement has a second purpose as well. Writing the statement can help a writer focus on his/her topic, make it easier to formulate an outline or plan for an entire paper. It can serve as a starting point on the road map of what will be written. This statement can also help the writer to narrow his/her topic, avoiding extraneous information or diversions from the central points of the essay or paper. The writer can refer back to the thesis statement when deciding whether to include or exclude information.

Looking at it another way, when the work is completed, the writer can return to his/her thesis statement and make adjustments if necessary. One reason to do so is if the paper has moved beyond the thesis scope. In many cases it's better and easier to change your thesis statement slightly, than to revise the paper/essay itself.

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