1. Take your credit card and identity document

An identity document is any document that can authorize your personality, e.g. a driving license, passport, library card, student card, etc.

2. Hide all unnecessary information

All we need to see on your credit card are the last 4 digits (to compare them with the information from the payment processor), the Cardholder's name, the issuing bank, and the type of the card; as for the ID, we require your full name only.

3. Take a photo or make a digital copy of the document

Use your phone, camera or scanner.

4. Send the pictures

Send the copies to our email or upload them directly to your control panel by following the link: http://accounts.writeypapers.org/authorization/

5. That's it. Your payment is now authorized!

Did you know?

This type of payment authorization is also used by:

What is account and payment authorization?

Why should I authorize my account and payment?

What documents should I provide?

What information do you need to see on my credit card?

What information do you need to see on my identity document?

What will you do with the information from the documents?

How will you know I provided the correct details?

How do you check the information?

Can I use someone else's card if the cardholder allows me to do that?

What if I am not feeling comfortable sharing my documents over the Internet?

Is it safe to provide my personal data to Writeypapers.org?

Is authorization really necessary?

OK. I understand, I am now ready to authorize my payment, how do I do that?

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